Sunday, 26 September 2010


This just came my way. Choppy female vocals, stuttering piano break downs, chiming synths, ...niiiiice! Sentinels are a production duo hailing from good old London town, inspired, they say, by "listening to a decade of pirate radio of London and the underground rave and dance scene that came before them". I whole-heartedly believe that I'm part of that rave scene (even though I'm on my way to becoming a "professional" at work) so thank you Sentinels for creating beautiful music for me and my "scene"

Sentinels - Love Rhythm

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Bart B More

Anyone who releases a track called Brap is worthy of mention in my books. This club banger is immense in its own right and to have access to an acapella version? You will never NEED this, but do you WANT it? Oh hell yes, if not purely for the shits and giggles of the cat dying sound at around 1 minute mark.

Bart B More - Brap

Bart B More - Brapapella Had to include this!

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Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix)


Not much to say about this guy since he has got a bit ridonkuously big these days. Thus we should technically dislike the "mainstream" because well thats what cool people's society frustratingly dictates. But then how can you hate something that is so beautiful? The words Raise Your Weapon echo so perfectly...

Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon

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Bonus, the summer wouldn't have been this summer without this bad boy:

Hervé - Together (Edit)